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I went in search of miracles… and stumbled upon a monster instead. In return for the healing I was so desperate for, I just had to make one teensy weensie promise…

To be his consort for, uh…forever.

To say I wasn’t exactly thinking things through when I said yes was an understatement.

And now I’ve been whisked away to a castle in a wintry wonderland with a ginormous, ferocious chimera. You know, lion-like head, goat horns, big freaking wings. Yeah.

And he’s just deposited me on his bed, ready to start making good on that whole consort promise. Apparently forever starts NOW.


Trigger Warnings/Content Warnings: dub con, explicit scenes, BDSM, stalking, a$$ play, toys, religious/supernatural demons/devils, references to child abu$e/physical abu$e references, murder, $uicide and self-harm references. 

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