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Theirs to Pleasure News!!!

I'm officially halfway through Theirs to Pleasure and things are getting both steamy and intense. Life is mainly wake up, write, write, write some more, maybe work out, insert food in mouth, then... look at marketing until bedtime. So life's busy, but awesome. Hope you're having a great end of the week too.

The Official BLURB for Theirs to Pleasure:

In the New Republic, every woman must marry five men. It’s the law. Welcome to the apocalypse. Shay came into the township knowing she’d be a lottery bride. So she’d have to marry five men. She wasn’t the naïve girl she’d been eight years ago. She’d learned the lessons that had been beaten into her and she’d learned them well. So yes, so she’d share her body with her new husbands. But her secrets were still her own. The men are different than she expected, though. They each had their own reasons for entering the lottery. There’s Charlie, who’s so sweet and kind. Rafe, who’s a light-hearted jokester during the day but dark and demanding in bed. Then Jonas and Henry and Gabriel, each bringing their own damage and beauty to the clan until, day by day, they begin to feel like a real family. There’s just one little problem with the happy new family clan. One of them isn’t who he appears to be. He is a spy for the enemy. Will Shay and the township be doomed before she and her husbands have a chance at lasting happiness?

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