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How I Spent My 4th of July

Oh my gosh, I just got home from a great 4th of July bash. I hope you guys had a great time celebrating!!!

We got to ring in our nation's 242nd birthday by driving to a friend's house in our new car, a Honda! It's so fancy, I actually got freaked out while the sales guy was explaining all the 'features.'

I just kept hearing my dad's voice in my head 'the more fancy electrical crap they put in there, there more there is to break!'

And this is now what my dashboard looks like 0_0

I was like... um... why is there an ipad attached to my dashboard? And how do I turn on the freaking radio??? And get to the air-conditioning?

These were all easy knobs and buttons in our old, ancient car. Now there are screens to scroll through and buttons in weird places and the wheel will fight you back if it thinks you're drifting out of the lane and I was like, okay, could my car be a little less 'smart'?!?! I want my old knobs and buttons back!!!!

And then I was like... oh my God. I now understand why my mom was so freaked out by the internet back in the dayt! It seemed ridiculous to me at the time. But now I am the fussy old lady upset by all the new do-dads and do-hickeys that the young-guns say will make my life SO much easier!

But nooooo, I just want to hold on to my old ways and be like 'but I could drive just fine without all this!' Just like my parents were like, putting letters in the mail has worked fine all my life and who needs the internet, that's what the card catalog at the library is for!

Anyway, lol, today I drove with 'lane assist' on and was very proud of myself for trying to embrace new technology. And at our friend's house we watched Armageddon (do a shot every time you see an American flag in that movie!) and National Treasure (cause, more patriotism!) and ate wings and ice cream and made fun of Nick Cage and good times were had by all :)

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