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I actually went on vacation last weekend! Which I like, never do. Even growing up, on 'vacations', we never went anywhere fun like Disney world or the beach. Nope, it was just being crammed in the back of our tiny Geo Metro between two stinky teenaged boys for 2 days straight so we could visit the cousins in Iowa or my grandma in southern Georgia who's house always smelled funny.

But this weekend, me, hubby and the kiddo met up with my brother and his fam in the Sierra mountains. We went hiking, swam in a gorgeous lake, and generally took in All The Nature. Then in the evenings had smores over the camp fire the lodge always had going and then retired for epic game nights, playing Uno, Balderdash, and Scrabble.

It was the first time I've completely unplugged since I can't remember when. And only because I was completely barred from the internet because no wifi or phone signal, lol. And guess what? I didn't spontaneously combust! #willwondersnevercease

Good times were had by all and all the Black's came home with photos and sunburns to remember the journey by. And now I need a vacation to recuperate from the vacation, lol! This is a real pic we took with our camera on panoramic mode! I swam in that lake! For a long time! :D

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