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Their Bride is *almost* live!

Sooooooooooo, Amazon decided to make my weekend DELIGHTFUL by refusing to publish Their Bride on time.

I was super good author, thinking about how happy I could make all of ya'll, publishing early. I uploaded on Saturday morning, imagining the book would go live by Saturday night...

... only instead to get an email from Amazon saying I needed to provide documentation that I had copyright consent before they could publish the book. I'd heard of this happening occasionally to some of my other author friends, so I'm like okaaaaaaaaaaaay. I get in touch w/ my co-author, and I submit the super-spiffy legal docs at 8am Sunday morning.

...and then I wait.

...and wait.

...and wait some more.

And here we are, after noon on Monday, and the book is still not live. *headdesk* *hulksmash* *rageragerage* Okay, so I just called and talked to an actual live human person at Amazon. They said they have received the documents (but they don't work on weekends, and that's why they're just getting to them now) and that it should take 24-48 hrs to process and for the book to go live. I'm really hoping it's sooner rather than later. So sorry for the frustration! Believe me, I feel your pain!!! The second I go live, I'll let you know!

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