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Four full-length novels of filthy, forbidden romance....

The Virgin and the Beast
Everything has its price, even virginity...and Xavier is willing to pay.

Daddy’s Sweet Girl
Sarah gets a new step-father...and a new step-brother. Family ties have never been so twisted.

Hurt So Good
It’s the single most forbidden of female fantasies. Most are ashamed to speak it out loud, much less ask for it, and usually so is Miranda...until Dylan Lennox comes along.

Without Remorse
The moment I saw her, I knew I was going to break all the rules. Because I’m taking her for myself.

TW's: Master/sláve, degrádation, BDSM, pet play, breaking of sl@_ve, humiliation, caging, feeding, t@mpon insertion, withheld orgasm, war memories discussed, self-harm, PTSD, Dub Con, R@_pe fantasy, near 1n_cest, domestic abu$e, mafia vi0lence 

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