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Secret society, secret sins, where every dark fantasy lives. 
Welcome to the Oleander Mansion…

I’m my father’s son, born into an inheritance I never wanted. And now it’s my turn for the trials, to prove myself worthy of the Society.

I’m to choose one beauty to be by my side for three months. I’ve never liked to play by the rules, though. I hate that I have to be here in the first place. But my hand has been forced, so I’ve come to this mansion of sin, and I’ll play their games.

This is my dark heritage, but the women? They all chose to be here. They are far from innocent lambs. I can feel one’s hatred even as she stands in her glittering dress staring me down.

She loathes me and all that I stand for... that’s why she will be my choice, my belle of the ball.

Heat fires through my veins just from looking at her. She’ll be oil to my fire and together we’ll burn. If I’m going to hell anyway, I might as well have the most beautiful lie by my side.

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