Draci Alien Series

The draci were forced to escape their dying planet. 

and now they've come to earth in search of mates...


my alien's obsession

Shak wants to finally earn his father’s approval.
He’ll come to Earth, impregnate a human female, and help save his race from dying out.
But then he meets Juliet.
Her scent entices him and what began as a mission becomes an obsession.
He must have this female.
He will protect her. Take care of her. 
And get rid of anyone and anything in his way.
But when forces beyond their control threaten to pull them apart forever, Shak will have to decide what’s more important to him—his father’s approval or this female who has changed everything.


my alien's baby

Ezo’s crazy about all things Earth. He can’t wait to get there in person and experience it all for himself—pizza, chocolate, flirting… After a lifetime of being alone on his old planet, he’ll finally have a place he can call home.

But when he arrives, a mate has already been chosen for him. Ana is waiting as soon as he exits his shuttle. She’s beautiful, colorful, and seems as excited to meet him as he is her.

He’s never known such happiness. 

Everything is perfect.

…Until it’s not. 

Because Ezo isn’t a free man. He has a mission to accomplish. One that his entire race is depending on. But accomplishing his mission could mean having to leave Ana behind. 

My Alien