An Accidental Pregnancy Reverse Harem Romance

I've felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole ever since I met the gorgeous Mavros twin brothers three months ago. Naïve little v!rg!n that I was.
Ha! Now look at me. It'll be the story of the century if anyone ever finds out. I can just see the headline: WHO'S YOUR DADDY?
Because, dear God...we'll never truly know which twin brother's baby is growing in my belly right now. My cheeks flame as I reach down to lay a hand on my stomach.
What would Daddy say if he could see me now?

Please Note: This is Book 1 of an intended trilogy, also available as an on-going series on Kindle Vella. This is a boxset of episodes 1-28 and was written intentionally as a book-arc. You can expect a high spice level, travel to luxurious places all around the globe, and some dominant movie star twins who fall harder than they ever intended with their new kitten.

Trigger Warnings: A steamy WHY CHOOSE? romance with mature themes, spanking, daddy play, and dominance/submission play. Public sex kink. Degradation kink. 

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