You're invited to a secret world dripping with wealth, opulence, and sin.

There is nothing more dangerous than a secret... 
It is how the powerful survive. 
They spin their influence in the shadows as their sins corrupt the innocent.
And I, Montgomery Kingston, am one of them. 
The elite.
The chosen. 

It is my inherited fate to claim a place among one of the most secret societies of them all...
The Order of the Silver Ghost.
It is her fate to be my sacrifice on the altar of wealth and seduction of riches. 
Tonight, my belle of the ball will dance with the devil and by morning, I will have broken her. 
For my initiation is a ritual steeped in a dark and twisted tradition of elegant sins.
As I said, secrets are dangerous... 
But then again, so is love. 

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Beautiful lies - Co-Written with ALTA HENSLEY

Twenty Beautiful Lies stand before me.
I can feel one’s hatred from across the ballroom.
She loathes me and all that I stand for... that’s why she will be my choice, my belle of the ball.

Born into a secret society that strangles the life out of me, I have no choice but to face my demons head on.
Inheritance isn’t about money or land, it’s much more twisted than that...
A sinful birthright.
A dark heritage.
A secret tradition only the most powerful and wealthy are aware of.
The Order of the Silver Ghost.

I will choose her because her disdain is more than I deserve.
The price I will pay for my cruel legacy.

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What the HELL is she doing here?

Fallon Perry is my childhood best friend, the first girl I ever kissed, and losing her when I needed her the most only added to the worst year of my entire life.
But that was half a decade ago and I hadn’t seen her since then, until running into her at a random cocktail party.
And now she’s here.
At the Belle’s Midnight Ball.
Offering herself up to be mine…
For the next three months at least.

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Inherited Malice - Co-Written with ALTA HENSLEY


I’m a con artist, and I’ve got my sights set on Beau Radcliffe. He’s dominant, arrogant, and always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room.

But he made the mistake of getting way too drunk one night and telling me all about the twisted ways of the dark, mysterious secret society he was about to be initiated into.

So, I steal an invite and show up as a belle.

And just like that night in the bar several months ago, Beau picks me out of the line-up to be his partner in debauchery for the next three months. I’ll get everything I ever dreamed of if I can just stick it out with him.

Beau thinks he’s in charge, making the rules of this game as we go, but he has no idea.

This is going to be fun…

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