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FAUST Rockstar Series


What do you do when the devil has you in his sights?

Some call me the devil. I’ve had many names.
Mortals are so fun to play with. Desperate, hungry little things.
And everyone says yes to my deals.
...Until her.
Now I crave her soul. She has made me the desperate thing.
So I'll have my revenge.

Once, I stood at a crossroads and was offered the world in exchange for my soul. And I said no, a soul is too precious to ever trade!
But if I was ever asked again?
What wouldn’t I give, just to feel their touch?
All night, all day, I dream of them. My bandmates. ALL of them. At once. Touching and being touched by them.
They see me as their little sister, though.
At least, they have until now…

’Cause it turns out I’m being stalked by a devil who’s tempting me to do bad, bad things…

NOTE: If you're into seggsy, ruthless rockstars, a Loki-like supernatural being who likes to turn up the spice, and twists and turns that'll keep you flipping pages on a non-stop rollercoaster, Rockstar Gods is for you. The first in a duet. 

Trigger Warnings/Content Warnings: dub con, non-con, explicit scenes, BDSM, stalking, ass play, toys, drugs, religious/supernatural demons/devils, religious trauma, child sexual abuse/pedophilia references, physical abuse references, murder, sex work, suicide and self-harm references. Cliffhanger ending.

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