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Their Bride is Done!!!!

I just finished writing Their Bride todaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

I ended with a smexy, smexy final chapter, natch. Spoilers! I like happy endings, lol. I mean, some people might die along the way, but ya know, love conquering all and all that good stuff ;) *happy sigh*

And lol, sometimes I have to Google the weirdest shit. I’ve been working out of my husband’s office this week while he’s out of town (he’s a professor at a university) and since I’m on the university wifi, he prefers if I’m careful about what I search.

So I *try* to remember to jump on my phone when I need to look up something. Like, hmm, so now how exactly does that position work when one guy’s coming in the backdoor and the other is…? lol, you get it. I’ve learned (and seen) all the most eye-opening things while looking up exactly how the human body is capable of bending while researching this Reverse Harem series, LMAO.

Okay, man-candy time! I was chatting with friends today about an oldie but a goodie, Henry Cavill, and what the Twilight movies would have been like if he had been Edward like Stephenie Meyer always wanted, lol. *props chin on fists and stares* Oh Henry…!

*and yes, I was a good girl and went on my phone to get this .gif, I don't think my hubby would have appreciated Henry Cavill Sexy Shirtless showing up on his search history, lol

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