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Do the Opposite

My hubby just got back home from being away for a MONTH so suffice to say, I have had an epic, wonderful, beautiful, fantabulous weekend :D

Sometimes when he gets back from long trips we end up fighting like cats and dogs - like, we've each gotten used to our own single grooves that it's like **record scratch** who's this other person coming back in and trying to tell me how to do my shit??

But this time I'd listened to this podcast on marriage and how sometimes it's best to 'do the opposite' of how you feel when you have negative emotions, especially when times are bad. So I thought, well it can't hurt to try that approach when times are good too (especially since I've seen this fight/snippy pattern with us for years after trips) yesterday after picking him up from the airport---and it worked!

LIke, we almost got into several spats, but I'd whisper in my head, opposite, opposite and the fight would dissolve before it even started.

So we just got to enjoy the fuck out of each other's company instead of fighting about useless shit. We slept in, went out for breakfast, did some redecorating, got rid of a ton of crap for Goodwill, then went and saw Crazy Rich Asians which is one of the BEST movies I have seen in a long time. Have you seen it???? Zomg, I'm so in love w/ that movie. I just know I'm gonna buy it and watch it like a zillion times.


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