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Marriage Raffle Series + Upcoming Titles

Lol, I've been loving getting your reactions to the little bits of Theirs to Defy I've been releasing. Drea is definitely giving these guys a run for their money.

And the other question I get most often - will Sophia get a book?

Answer: of course she will!!! I already have it plotted in my head :) Naturally Sophia's lottery won't go as smoothly as she always imagined. What fun would that be? Now to get all the words out of my head and on to paper... or the laptop anyway, lol.

Sophia's book will be 6th, the final in this particular series - though I think I'll explore some other spots around the US after I get done with Texas ;)

So here's the order of all the books in the Marriage Raffle Series:

Theirs to Protect - Audrey's book

Theirs to Pleasure - Shay's book

Their Bride - Vanessa's book

Theirs to Defy - Drea's book

Their Vixen - Kylie's book (Jan 2019)

Theirs to Ransom - Sophia's book (Feb 2019)

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