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Theirs to Defy Sneak Peak

Okay guys, so here's a little sneak peek from Chapter 9 of Theirs to Defy, Drea and Eric (The Commander)'s book.


Eric wasn't alone in bed.

The thought penetrated through the fog slow. He frowned, his eyes still closed. The body next to him was warm. And soft. Nothing like the bony angles of guys he’d bunked with during the war.

No, it was a woman in bed with him.

Eric blinked his eyes. Or tried to. Jesus, why were his eyelids so heavy?

Because you’re dreaming, dumbass.

Right. That was the only thing that made sense.

Still, he fought against the sandbags weighing down his eyelids and turned his head toward the warm body at his side.

Thick blonde dreadlocks.

His heartbeat sped up.


What the hell was Drea doing in bed with him? And why the hell did she feel so damn good exactly where she was?

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