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Theirs to Defy Sneak Peak

Theirs to Defy will be coming out Oct 1st!

It's a couple weeks later than I first planned, but that's a firm delivery date for this baby :)

So here, as a thank you to everyone and to entice you for the goodness to come, here's a sneak peek of the wedding night:


“It’s my wedding night,” was all Drea said at first, and then, several heavy moments later, “And I want all my husbands. Tonight."

Even as the words came out of her mouth, another part of her was shouting, what the fuck are you doing???

She’d had a plan coming into all this tonight. All right, so it hadn’t so much been a well-thought out plan as… well, an intention.

Relationships were transactional by nature. This for that. Tit for tat. She wasn’t the naïve girl she’d been so long ago.

Everybody wanted to fuck. Even her on occasion. More than that, though, she wanted a cohesive team she could rely on. Well, she’d never rely completely on anyone completely. Trust was something she was just incapable of. Not after Dad. And especially not after Thomas.

But marriage was the best solution given the situation. She’d have her team and they could all let off some steam. Most people needed sexual release of some kind or other and a marriage was a good, safe place for them to find that release. But it didn’t have to be more than that.

Sex was just sex. It was the unevolved drive of the human animal that still required feeding. An appetite like any other.

So she’d approached her wedding night as more of a… team-building exercise than anything else.

But then there was Eric.

Eric fucking Wolford, who could never leave well enough alone.

He had to go poking and prodding at her. He just had to whisper in her ear, his breath stirring the hair at her temples which ridiculously sent her heart rate through the roof. Because of course that was the thing that turned her on, before he’d ever touched her. Even though she had Garrett’s hard cock bobbing at her lips, no, it was Eric’s whispered voice, Eric’s breath on her ear that had her soaking her underwear.

God damn that man.

If he would have just let her play it her way, where she played the part of the seductress and they all reached climax at least once, then they could get a good night’s sleep and woken well-rested and focused and—

David’s fingers shoved in deeper and twisted and yet again, for the millionth time that night, all rational thought left Drea’s head just like that.




She threw her arms around Eric’s neck and pulled him in towards her, hiking her leg up to wrap around one of his hips even as she landed a punishing, devouring kiss on his lips.


Squeee, can't wait to share the rest with you! It's coming soon, my pretties!

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