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Meet One of the Guys from Theirs to Pleasure

TGIF! Holy jeepers, how is it almost May??? That's both awesome and insane, lol. It means we're all that much closer to Theirs to Pleasure releasing. ... Of course, I have to finish writing it, lol.

I'm deep in the second half and am planning out book 3, which will be Drea's book, at the same time. (the end of Theirs to Pleasure will lead right into the events of her book). Anyway, in a couple weeks will come cover release and everything will start moving, moving, moving!!

Here's a little glimpse from Theirs to Pleasure, so you can meet one of the five men who will be Shay's husbands, HENRY.

Henry had a picture of the life he wanted for himself. Riches, wealth, and a beautiful woman standing by his side.

A beautiful woman he was only moments away from meeting.

He swallowed hard. Damn, was he nervous? When was the last time he, Henry Sutherland, been nervous about anything? As the trade secretary for Jacob's Well, he’d faced down the meanest mob bosses, traded with MC presidents, had even traveled to the Mexican front and made a back deal with a colonel of the 5th Mexican brigade to smuggle solar panels into the country. So no, he was not afraid of meeting his future wife.

Then why on earth was his hand shaking as he lifted it to the brass knocker?

He stood up straighter, smoothed down his suit jacket, and banged on the door.

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