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Saturday Stud Muffin

Why hello, Saturday stud-muffin :) Can I do my laundry on those washboard abs? Or I could just sit here and drool... *happy sigh*

I went and saw I Feel Pretty last night on date night and LOVED it. Like seriously, when Amy Schumer was competing in that bikini competition, I was like, hell yeah, for once I really didn't think the skinny models were more attractive. I'm the kind of girl who always had a girl-crush on Angie Jolie, but lately, I really need some T&A for me to find a lady attractive. Lol, I'm straight, but you know how we ladies are always comparing ourselves or can just find other women attractive?

kay, I'm rambling, but that movie was just kind of like--YES, this is everything I've been feeling lately on this topic. Like, who wants to fuck skin and bones? Leonardo DiCaprio maybe, lol, but apart from him, pretty sure most guys want a girl they can really hold on to ;)

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