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TGIF Fabulous Friday!

It's another TGIF fabulous Friday!!!! I just get to chillax with my honey this weekend. He's doing some globetrotting for work on and off this summer, so we try to make the most of the time he's here. I'm thinking Netflix and Ben & Jerry's... oh yeah, that's what you call a sexy romantic date after... um, how long have we been married now? **squints and counts on fingers* 17 years! Yeah, I got married when I was a baby 19 year old, lol.

Fun fact - the first kiss of my entire life was up there in the front of the church after the pastor said, "You may kiss the bride!" And everybody said awwwwwwwww, lol.

Speaking of romantic, here's another sneak peek from the next Marriage Raffle novel, coming in early August, Their Bride!

It was time to tell his truth.

He smoothed his hand through her hair and then whispered in her ear from behind. “You’re beautiful, do you know that? God, the first time I saw you up close, you scared the shit out of me.”

He felt her surprise, his body was cemented so close to hers, but he didn’t let up, caressing a hand down the front of her body. Down her neck to the valley between her breasts. Back up again.

“All that time I’d waited and then there you were, beautiful and wild and glorious and I was scared shitless.”

She tried to turn her head to look back at him but he just hugged her tighter to him from behind, notching his head in between her shoulder and neck. He needed to tell her his truth, but part of that truth was that he was a fucking coward. And he wasn’t sure he could get this out if she was looking him in the eye.

“So I did what I always do. I tried to push you away first before you could realize what a fucking useless, spineless waste of space I am.”

No matter how tight he held her, though, she twisted out of his grasp and rolled them over, pinning him to the ground on his back.

Her breaths came in quick pants and even though it was almost pitch dark in the tent, when Cam felt the wetness splash on his cheek, he knew what it was. Fuck. He’d made her cry.

“Don’t cry. Never fucking cry for me.”

He dragged her down and kissed her tears away.

And then he spoke his final truth. The truth that had changed everything. The truth that had changed him and was changing him still, every day.

“I love you, Vanessa.”


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