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Summer Man Candy

I'm alllllllllmost done with Their Bride. Like, I might finish it tomorrow! :D Which means good things for it coming out in early August, like maybe early, EARLY August. I'm not committing to a release date yet because I don't want to jinx the mojo, lol. Something which drives my PA nuts, I assure you.

But the less the mojo is jinxed, the faster books get to you, I promise, lol. I used to scoff at people who were like, the muse is a magical entity that sometimes whispers in their ear and other times doesn't... but now I'm like, ya'll, it's straight up voodoo MAGIC! And it's either it's there or it's not. And I can still write good books when the magic isn't there, it's just a lot damn harder, lol!!! And i like easy things, don't you?

Me and the hubby were driving around town yesterday hunting for this thing on Craigslist and literally came across a street called Easy. I'm like, YES. I want to live on Easy Street, lol. Please, can that just be my life? Life on Easy Street would be filled with non-stop magic word flow, no one would bully my kid, I wouldn't be allergic to the chemical coating they put on the interior of my new car (long story, ugh), and there would be an elf in my house who just loved giving foot massages and cooking... and doing laundry, lmao.

Alas, as it is, life's pretty good. It's summertime! Sunshine! Swimming! Ice Cream! Good Movies! Good books to read! And of course, man candy ;)


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